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Storywheels jewellery is a popular brand around the world. Storywheels allows the buyer to create unique and individual charm bracelets and necklaces giving people the opportunity to design a bracelet or necklace, either for themselves or as a thoughtful and treasured gift.

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The Ultimate Composable Bracelet

Originating in America in the 1990s the concept was born when a jewellery designer was waiting in an airport after his flight had been cancelled. Struck with the idea that there must be a way of honoring a woman’s life and memories through a piece of jewellery, he drew a line on a napkin and separated that line with other lines showing special events, memories and celebrations creating the woman’s 'Lifeline'. These significant lines slowly became circles or wheels and the original line became a chain. 

"Lifeline Storywheels" was created

The idea behind Storywheels is that it is a bead-on-bracelet/-necklace/ product, where you can build your own story by adding the beads the way you want to. Choosing Storywheels can be a very fun experience, you can collect a bracelet entirely from beauty, diversity, and colors that fit your clothes, personality, or memories.

Storywheels is committed to offer the most unique, genuine and original jewelry insuring excellence to their products. We are proud to be part of a jewelry community that celebrates life and is committed to providing you with products that inspire you. Each piece of Storywheels jewellery is created to adhere to the highest standards, using top-quality materials such as yellow gold and white gold, and silver, as well as glass and precious stones.

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